Deborah Catterall - Mezzo Soprano

Martin Eastwell - Lutes, Theorbo, & Early Guitars


Farre from Triumphing Courte

“Farre from Triumphing Court” takes the listener on a journey through three centuries of English song. Generations of English composers have found their inspiration in the ballads and traditional music surrounding them, and this programme reflects this lively and vital source of inspiration on English composers, culminating in the music of John Dowland and Henry Purcell,

Through the Olive Groves - Music from the Mediterranean world

The shores of the Mediterranean present an extraordinary variety of musical cultures. This programme includes songs of the Provencal troubadours and Trouveres, medieval Spanish songs of the “Reconquista” and the Renaissance Spanish court, “frottole”, madrigals and instrumental music of Renaissance Italy, songs of the Sephardic Jews of the Eastern Mediterranean, as well music for the Oud, the Arabic ancestor of the European lute.

Borderlands - from the gates of Granada to the Siege of Newcastle

From the 8th Century until the end of the 15th, Spain constituted the “Borderlands” between the Christian and the Muslim world. It became the scene of the longest war in world history-some would say that war continues today. From the late Middle Ages to the early 17th Century, the Anglo-Scottish Border lay in a very similar state of permanent conflict and lawlessness, as the “Borderland” between England and Scotland. The two halves of this programme explore the extraordinary music inspired by extraordinary inspired by these two extraordinary situations.

Doulce Mémoire - French songs and instrumental music of the Renaissance and early Baroque

For over two hundred years from the late 15th Century, the lute and the human voice maintained the closest possible connection. Doulce Mémoire explores a neglected aspect of this intimate connection, looking at exquisite 16th Century chansons by French and Flemish composers such as Claudin de Sermisy, Thomas Crequillon,Josquin des Prez and Philip van Wilder in versions for voice and lute or guitar, as well as the sophisticated Airs de Court produced by French composers such as Guedron, Battaile and Moulinié working at the court of Louis XIII. The programme also contains solo lute music by the leading French lutenist composers of the era.

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